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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Another story

We grew up together since 1996. It was puppy love at that time. We were so fond of each other so much. However things did not work out after our 6 months together. I really liked him. To me, he is the best good guy that i ever met. I belief that I couldn't find a better guy than him.

We were together again in 27 Jan 02. We started making out after few weeks together. Its our first time holding each other hands, kissing, joke with each other. We were very close. And it was really unexpected one. We sacrificed a lot for each other. Too much to describe it. I was so in love with him. I spend every minute and seconds with him. I would do anything to be with him. Its hard to see us quarell, its hard to see me cry and sad being with him. Every couples and every of our friends envy us.

After a year, my parents talked to us to get engage. Cos we are so close and they are so worried that forbidden things might happen to us. You should know how Muslim Law is. Though we are not conservative type, we obey my parents request and he confidently agreed. He told me that he wants to be with me forever. He talked to his parents. His parents came over to discuss about our engagement and fixed the date.

19th July 05, we are officially engaged. The most happiest day in my life. He stay at my place since then. We were more closer. But then, too many things happened after we got engaged. He started to put his friends first. He would spend the nights and the time with his friends at the Coffeeshop chit chatting endlessly every night. He would come home after dawn. And he would sleep the whole day and continuing his routine again. Instead of looking for Job after finish serving NS, he wasted his time.

Once he got a job, he was back to the good guy that i Know. He left the Job to join his friends. Since then, he changed to terrible person i ever met. He got to know a few girls. And we quarell most of the time. I didnt find out yet till the day he ask for our engagement to be called off. I beg him and his parents. While begging, under depression, had a terrible breakdown, I didn't knew that I was pregnant. In the end, I gave in and let him go but still hoping for his return.

30th Sept, I went to do a Urine test at Jurong Poly. Positive, The doctor congratulate. My mind went blank. Not knowing what to do with my baby. The thoughts being pregnant and carrying my ex fiance child was so scary. Im lonely. I have been helping my gd friend and always accompay her whenever she got pregnant and go for abortion. I did the same too. I think and really think. Decided not to break my mom's heart who were there for me since I was a child. Can't bear to see her cry. That night, I went for a scan. It was 5 weeks and 3 days old. The foetos was small. Fixed an immediate appointment and went for abortion the next morning. He came but he refuse to take me back. What wrong have i commit? He kept quiet.

After a month, he came back to me. Without thinking what he did and the bad things he put me through, I accepted him back immediately. Face my parents and was ready to fight for our love. He treated me better this time. But after few months, it started again. The pain was even worse. We really quarell like no one cares. He went missing for more than 24 hours. Didn't want to contact me. Looked for him at his hanging out place, clubs and etc.. And he appear once again but packe his things and left me again. After a few days, I find out from a friend and even caught them red handed that he left me cos he slept with a friend of mine. He brought her back to his parents place. And his parents still keep it mum. They didn't do anything to it.

And in our custom, his parents have to come to my house and call off the engagement officially. But twice we broke off, twice they didnt turn up. My ex fiance really made used of me and fooled me. The sacrifices and devotion that I have towards him was uncountable. Details are not as important as my pain. I was under depression and couldn't focus my Job. My Job was at risk. My health was unstable. Nearly sent to IMH for that. Suicidal intentions.

If i were to share my story right from how we started, you will definitely cry for me. Thanks to my mom. I loved her. She was there for me during my ups n downs.

-- by Anonymous

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