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Friday, August 19, 2005

Crystal's story

I knew my bf for 3 yrs but was only together since early this year... I had been through a few difficult relationships prior to this and was on the verge of swearing into spinsterhood when he came along! for him, I was his 1st gf... we had many amusing situations...

in these months,he had been very caring towards me and were actually discussing abt marriage after he came out of army... 1 thing led to another... I gave in to his request for sex thinking that it's the rite thing to do...

I neva had much sexual experience as I had stopped before things went too far (perhaps denial to sex was why my ex(s) left me...)! newbies to sex,we only practise the withdrawal method. Nothing happened for over half a year,we jus continued with our weekly sex.

But in july,while he was in hospital for a knee surgery, I found out that I was pregnant... seeing the anesthesia wear off and his face turning pale as his pain increase,I could not find the heart to let him know the news!

His family already had a cousin that had a short-gun marriage, and had also told him many times that he could not let the same thing happen!

bearing in mind that we were neither mentally or financially prepared to bring up the child,I comtemplated abortion. the biggest reason for me to abort the child was that his guardian's attitude towards suddenly turned cold on the day of his discharge... even to the extend of hostile!

if I were to really keep the child,I could not imagine how they will treat me and my baby! I do not want my child to hear remarks that he was an accident or he was a bastard child...

if I were to work extra to make ends meet, I would gladly do it even if it would be difficult! but if we were to endure sarcastic remarks, I would not permit my child to go through these...

Faced with no other choice,I went for the abortion alone!

it had been 2mths since! I am still having nightmares and weak health coz of the abortion!

That was not the end of my tribulations! his family, for some obscure and unknown reason, has been treating me as if I was invisible... it was very hurting considering the fact that I had done everything in my power to look after and take care of my bf!

My only solution now is to hope that my bf would support me through all these!

-- by Crystal

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baybCANDY said...

Im really sad over your experience. Please takecare of yourself!

Unexpected pregnancy? Call 1-800-MUM-TO-BE (1-800-686-8623).