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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ms Tan's story

I'm not a single mom. I don't have a child to qualify my story here. But I believe my story can help precaution some girls against certain guys. I hope this will show and help...

I was a naive 16year old to begin with. My parents being conservative chinese, I never got into much contact with sex(not litherally nor figuratively).

I wanted very much to have someone to care for me. Having a harsh mother and absent father, it wasn't a very fulfilling family I have. I wished for a guy to care for me. It wasn't difficult to. I'm not exactly the pits in the looks department. I just never had the chance.

He wasn't the stuff of my dreams. He just happened to be a guy who showered me with concern. It didn't take me long to accept him as boyfriend. His persistence paid off. In more ways than one.

It wasn't long into our relationship before he requested for sex. Eventually he realise he won't get it. He decided his force would settle this disagreement. His planning, I have to admit, was immaculate.

I didn't suspect what lay in store for me. He simply requested for a date at East Coast. It's a very public place. Or so I thought. To cut a long story short, he got his wish in the bushes by a underpass. He didn't bother with taking precaution or care to think of it(I was a virgin). He left me torn and trickling with his seed in me.

He called occasionally after that. Recommending pay and guys. Hounding me to open my legs again. Even though I coped at home and worry about my fertility day by day.

I was lucky of course. Still it's a scar I will never be able to stitch. It has become a wound which i rather let it rot than do anything about it. He could have caused me to be pregnant. Screw up my life. I was lucky. The rape was traumatising enough. I don't need a child to make it worse. I have all the respect for all the girls who end up with unwanted pregnancy. For whatever decision they make. I just never want to be caught in such a situation ever.

I've met a guy whom I love. He heard my story and love me even more. Its incredulous to me. But he's healing me.

-- by Ms Tan

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Unexpected pregnancy? Call 1-800-MUM-TO-BE (1-800-686-8623).